Cloud Computing

Businesses are transforming digitally on a global level, which has inflated the demand of various mediums that makes the whole process easy. One of the major step of the transformation is deploying the business on cloud. Earlier the deployment process was conducted manually by system administrators which was strenuous, error-prone and time consuming, but thanks to Infrastructure as code (IaC), the procedure has become smooth and effortless. It allows sysadmins to manage and run IT infrastructure through text files that appear as code, instead of physical hardware configuration.

We do infrastructure automation using terraform for almost all could. All kind of managed services are being automated like data ingestion, wrangling, reporting and monitoring.

Service Offerings

  • Data Ingestion
  • Storage
  • Data Processing
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Management
  • Data Security
  • Data Infrastructure
  • Data Governance
  • Solution Accelerators

Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory offers the ability to integrate data in the cloud with local data easily.

This service deserves special attention because of its ease of use and also because of its ability to transform and enrich complex data sets.

It ensures end-to-end data integration and is fully scalable, which does not burden the company’s budget.

The Azure Data Factory is a critical element of any data platform and machine learning project.

It is a cloud-based ETL service. (extract, transform, load) for data integration.

Loading data from source systems is extremely easy and runs smoothly.
The data collected in this way can be intuitively managed and monitored by authorized people.

optimization of services and products while understanding the needs of existing customers and reaching new ones.

Azure Data Factory is a data integration service from Microsoft

  • NO CODE is required and full data protection is achieved through confidential processing on the Azure platform.
  • It is totally cost-effective. serverless and scalable on-demand.
  • GUARANTEE SEAMLESS CONNECTION access to other applications—local, cloud, and service-oriented.
  • It gives intuitive data transfer. preparation, transformation, and processing in a few clicks.
  • This allows easy data modeling. in a user-friendly visual environment.
  • This increases economic growth and data integration without the need to manage the entire infrastructure.