MySQL Services

The World’s Top MySQL Experts

Secure, resilient and cost effective solution to cope with the demands of mission-critical applications. We are a MySQL consulting services company helping our clients with MYSQL solutions, MYSQL consulting services and database efficiencies to ensure that their applications are consistently running at peak performance. In addition to this, we are well versed in helping clients down the costs and implement the latest security solutions. Our dedicated MySQL Support Service provides our clients with the very best in pro-active management and response. We ensure that MySQL databases are expertly managed and maintained on a 24*7 basis. If you’re looking for on-site or remote DBA services, MySQL performance tuning or a MySQL Health Check, Croyant is here to help. Join hands to get the most out of our MySQL solutions. With Croyant, your MySQL databases are in safe hands around the clock. We’ll help you optimise and tweak your MySQL Databases. Our expert MYSQL company will protect your MySQL systems and software from any cyber-attack, data loss or unplanned downtime. Now you can deploy safely, knowing your databases are properly risk-assessed and proactively managed with our MySQL company.

Even the best DBAs are limited by their own experience. But at Croyant, we have one of the world’s largest concentrations of dedicated and varied MySQL consulting services expertise. This shared experience is an enormous asset to our clients. Our MySQL company knows when to scale up and scale down, what replication architectures to use, how to get a consistent, reliable backup with minimal overhead and when to use clustering technology. Our MySQL company knows storage engines, using MySQL in cloud computing environments, what hardware to use and how to make sure it’s all configured properly. Migrations, performance tuning, security, data modelling, data warehousing – we’ve worked for a lot of companies for MySQL solutions and we know how these things work. MySQL Support services team is composed of seasoned MySQL developers who are database experts and understand the problems and challenges you face because they’ve worked on these same challenges before with so many clients. Many companies have technical staff that can solve problems with the database, but our MySQL company can solve the same problems a lot faster. So a database issue that could take too long, sometimes weeks for your team to understand and resolve, will be solved within hours by our MySQL company. The team at our MYSQL company also provide mission-critical services and applications with extensive knowledge of cloud deployments. Our MYSQL company provides MySQL consulting services to help you with architectural decisions, hosting infrastructure specifications, installation and upgrade assistance. Our MYSQL solutions team will analyse your MySQL installation before upgrades and provide you with either carry out the work for you or assist as required. Our MYSQL solutions team will offer suitable comprehensive monitoring that is essential to understanding what is going on with your database to keep it healthy.

  • MySQL Performance Tuning
  • MySQL upgrades migration & clustering
  • MySQL Troubleshooting, 24*7 Support & Monitoring
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Performance Monitoring & Alerting
  • Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly Health Checks

MySQL Database Features:

  • Storage engines (MyISAM, InnoDB, MEMORY, ARCHIVE, MERGE, CSV)
  • Replication architecture
  • Replication synchronization
  • Heartbeat Cluster
  • Stored routines, triggers, views, events
  • Partitioning (with MERGE tables and MySQL’s native partitioning)
  • Benchmarking with sysbench
  • Backups using InnoDB Hot Backup, XtraBackup, LVM, EBS snapshots
  • MySQL Enterprise Monitoring
  • MONyog
  • MySQL Query Analyzer
  • MySQL Proxy
  • MySQL Cluster

Database Administration and Support Services:

  • Configuration Management
  • Performance
  • Capacity Planning
  • Business Continuity
  • Security
  • Forecasting
  • Project Management
  • Data Architecture
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Systems Administration
  • Special Projects
  • Emergency Response