SQL Services Provided By Croyant

SQL Server Support and Consulting

Croyant is a known entity in the SQL Server community and is deeply rooted in the SQL Server world. Our database engineers and system administration specialists are active in SQL Server users groups and also speak at TechEd, SQL Pass and others. Our SQL Server DBAs are blogging in some of the most prestigious SQL Server-focused blogs, like TechTarget, MSSQLTips and, of course, our own blog here at Croyant.


SQL Server Features

  • Clustering
  • Reporting/Analysis Services
  • Replication
  • Log shipping
  • DB Mirroring Service Broker
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery planning
  • SQL Server-to-Oracle replication
  • SSIS and DTS (development)

Database Administration and Support Services

  • Configuration Management
  • Performance
  • Capacity Planning
  • Business Continuity
  • Security
  • Forecasting
  • Project Management
  • Data Architecture